What is Today’s Most Popular IT certification?

Boost your IT Management Career with ITIL Certification and ITIL Training


If you are interested in the developing your career in IT management, then ITIL certification may be a worthwhile consideration for you.

ITIL is the acronym for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. It is a standard developed by the UK government dating back to 1980. The reason that this standard has not gained the attention of the public until now is probably because the wide adoption of Information Technology (IT) that started in 1990 in modern organizations did not grow into the concept of treating IT as part of the corporate governance processes until the 21st century.

ITIL is a set of best practices, and as such does not seek to lay down the exact procedures to manage IT. Instead, the main idea of ITIL certification is to train you to have the appropriate concepts of managing IT as business services, whether it’s to external customers or internal users.

There are many training schools around the world that offer ITIL certification examinations, and there are three levels of certification:1

Foundation Certificate
The Foundation Certificate enables people to understand the terminology used within ITIL. It focuses upon foundation knowledge with regard to ITIL Service Support and Service Delivery sets, and also covers generic ITIL philosophy and its background.

Practitioner’s Certificate
This is a qualification on the specific disciplines within the ITIL Service Support or Service Delivery set, including customer and IT organization communication.

Manager’s Certificate
This is aimed at experienced professionals, who will be involved in the management of service management functions.

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Taking the ITIL certifications step by step is a proven way to help you move into a successful IT management career. There are many ITIL trainings you can take in the market. Simply search for the term ITIL trainings or ITIL certifications for a school in your area.

When you move to attain the Manager Certificate, it is also a good tactic to take other management skills courses such as project management training. A project management certification like PMP is one of most sought after certifications. There are also many PMP Preparation Courses that will help you attain PMP certification.


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