Top Online Degrees: Two Online Degree Programs for a Recession Proof Career

Looking for top online degrees for starting a new career? As most parts of the world have just started to recover from depression, jobs are scares and the fear of losing our jobs has become a grim reality for many. To make matters worse, it seems that advances in technology are helping to take jobs away from people at an alarming rate. All is not lost however, there are plenty of career trends that seem to be skyrocketing and will be pertinent for many years to come. Two career fields in particular are doing very well in this economy with no end in sight of slowing down. Here is a look at the top two career fields today and how you can study to become a part of them.

Law Enforcement

As we all know, the crime rate and substance abuse rises during tough times. While it makes for a sad situation, a rise in crime also means that there has to be a rise in the amount of security officers and behavioral counselors to handle the influx of need. Jobs in law enforcement, private security officers, drug and alcohol counselors and other security type positions will increase.

Many college online degrees in law enforcement, securities and counseling are available through community colleges and universities. Some technical classes may have to be taken in person at the particular college, but most of the schools offering online degrees offer most classes that can be taken solely online.

Computers and Technology

Technology is a field that will just keep growing through the years. If you want a career that is challenging, fun and won’t be obsolete in five years, you may want to consider something that includes computers.

Networks systems analyst careers are one of the fastest growing occupations right now and the trend shows that there is only room for growth in the field. Networks analysts are an imperative part of data communication systems. They work with computer programmers to analyze, test, design and assess the performance of computer programs and systems.

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There are many top online programs available that certificate and degree programs for certified systems analysts. Many online colleges also offer associate online degrees as well as bachelor’s and MBA online degrees. Obtaining a degree in this field will definitely give potential employees a leg up over the competition.

Computer software engineers are very high in demand and will continue to be in demand as we continue through the technology age. As businesses embrace new technologies and learn to rely less on humans and more on computers to do tasks, computer software engineers will need to be there to step up to the plate and create new and innovative software and systems to accommodate business owner’s ever changing needs.

To become a computer software engineer, you will more than likely need at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science or software engineering. Persons interested in this field should check with their local universities online degrees programs to see what is available for these types of programs.

Of course, there are other fields that will stand the test of time. So if you have been laid off from your current position, are undecided about your career path, or even want to start a new career path, you may want to consider checking out trade school online degrees or even looking in to college or university online degrees offered in your area.



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