Top 5 Hot Job Markets

Getting valuable insight into the hottest jobs can be very advantageous for your career. Whether you are a college graduate about to embark on a professional journey into excellence or an executive who is looking for a much-deserved career change, you may want to read on to discover the top 5 current hot job markets. These markets were defined by CNN with help from The article can be found here: 

Top 50 jobs in America.

Note that this research applies to the US market only. However, I think this information can be used as a reference in other places of the world as well.

The first sought-after profession in the job market is a registered nurse. It is estimated that for every doctor hired, at least six to eight nurses are needed to supplement the booming health industry. And because the medical tourism industry is also catching on in various parts of the world, especially in European countries, nurses are very much in demand these days. Registered nurses need to obtain proper certification in order to care for patients while providing top health education. You can find many online colleges that offer nursing degrees or health care related certifications.

Another occupation that is quickly gaining popularity in the job market is a teaching position. Postsecondary and elementary school teachers are in especially high demand. More and more bachelor’s degree holders are opting to make inroads into the education field and apply for a teacher’s education program. School teachers also enjoy good career advancement opportunities, as they may take additional courses to fill vacancies as a librarian or a counselor, and eventually move up the career ladder as an administrator or director. If you need a degree or additional certification to break into this field, the best way is perhaps to find some online colleges that offer the education you need to educate others.


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The third hottest occupation in the job market now is the positions of general and operations manager. Most, if not all, companies need to hire managers to ensure that their businesses are run smoothly. General and operations managers enjoy numerous perks which include a high six-figure salary, stock options, yearly bonuses, expense allowances, as well as exclusive club memberships. You usually need a degree to secure a position that offers all of these benefits. Again, pursuing online facilities to help attain such qualifications is perhaps a good idea. Refer to my articles under Further Study in this site for more information.

Accountants and auditors are trendy jobs as determined by a majority of job seekers worldwide. Accountancy can be a very lucrative career, as a senior member in an accounting firm can garner up to $100,000 yearly. Companies are always looking to hire accountants and auditors to prepare accounts, taxes, and other finance-related advice. In terms of career advancement, many individuals who began their career as clerks often progress up the career ladder to be full-fledged controllers. There are also individuals who choose to be professional bookkeepers and eventually spearhead their own accounting practice. This is one profession where a high level of education is required.

You may also consider becoming a business operations specialist, responsible for the creation and fine tuning of company policies that will help the corporation meet its goals and aims. This position will also be in charge of other aspects of the business, such as financial reporting and administrative management.

To break into these last two professions, as with the previous three, you will need at least a 4-year degree, and possibly a graduate degree as well. If you think you don’t have time to take these courses, think again. By attending an online college, you can get your degree on your own schedule. You can find the perfect online college with a simple Internet search, and you can apply online, as well.

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