Top 5 Career Websites for European Jobs

Top 5 Career Websites for European JobsMake no mistake: embarking on a new career in Europe is a definite challenge, and anyone who paints a different picture is misleading you. Finding your dream job in Europe takes determination and patience, not to mention skill and a well-constructed resume — but it can be done.

There are quite a few internet resources at your disposal for finding a good job in Europe. The top five career websites for European jobs include,,,, and These sites focus on many different types of jobs, including technical support jobs and related IT computer categories.

Each site is unique, and each can help you find a rewarding job in the European Union. Here is a little more information about each site: It’s little wonder why is so highly rated. With an estimated 6 million visitors weekly, provides career seekers with an extensive job database highlighted by an “International Jobs” link, which will help you find a rewarding technical support job or other career in the IT industry in any country in the European Union! Not only that, offers great advice on building your resume, attending job fairs, and even paying your taxes abroad. This is one of the UK’s largest and most popular career websites, and can boast nearly 2.5 million hits per week! This site offers a wide range of jobs, including technical support jobs and IT career fields, and also provides sound advice on living and working in Europe, worker’s benefits, and more.

How to prepare for a job interview?

Visit     A Better Job Interview Package     NOW with nearly 2 million visitors weekly, taps into some of the most popular careers in 13 countries. This comprehensive site offers online job boards and career advice for job seekers and also human resource organizations. Particularly emphasized are the IT career field and technical support jobs. This site offers “virtual attendance” to live job fairs to many of the highest salaried careers in Europe, and at the same time offers a comprehensive database that is broken down by company or category. This one is an easy-to-understand career website that breaks down listings into 32 different categories — including technical support jobs — which in turn link to countries throughout the European Union. Updated “daily vacancies” make this job site one not to miss.

Careers in the European Union can’t really be pigeon-holed into one specific category, as each country has its own demands. For example, in Italy there remains a great need to fill skilled positions such as electricians and pipe-fitters, while at the other end of the spectrum sales opportunities abound. In Germany, IT jobs such as software engineer, IT trainer, computer technician, and network developer are in high demand, while other countries such has Austria have a great demand for technical writers and web developers.

The best advice: narrow your search for a specific job in a specific European country and start submitting a resume that is crafted to the career of your choice.

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3 Responses to Top 5 Career Websites for European Jobs

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  2. Kenneth Lum says:

    I don't agree on your comments on – International jobs. I think and many other jobs sites that I come across did not educate the employers who are placing Adverts in these sites that they are actually advertising to Foreign candidates(so-called International candidates).
    When I apply for a job in Europe – by searching these jobsites – the constant frustration is that the employers would ask if I have the right to work in that country – of course I don't! Thats why I need a visa sponsorship. But and most of these sites did not address that issue. 
 and all jobsites should advice the employers – that by placing an Advert in the "International Job" category – the hiring company must be willing and able to sponsor the work visa. Otherwise its a waste of time for the candidates.

    Remember, merely the fact that placing ad Advert in an International jobsite like – you are calling out to International job applicants and not merely local ones or around the region. So its misleading to assume that only locals would respond to your Advert. The whole world would respond!

  3. admin says:

    Thanks for your comments. Are you from Singapore?

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