Top 5 Career Advancement Opportunities

It is only natural to want to progress in one’s career. Being too comfortable in your current state of employment can prove to be detrimental to your professional future, so it will pay to check out these top 5 career advancement opportunities in order to move towards an enriching career.

Gain Skills with an Internship

The first career advancement opportunity that you can look out for is an internship opening. The prevalent myth is that internships are for students only. However, internships are also a good way for you to gain new skills if you are seriously thinking about a career change. Even if you are paid peanuts (or sometimes, not paid at all!), internships can adorn your resumes and impress your future employers. To find internships, you can do a web search or browse the websites of various colleges online for listings.

Wow a Headhunter

The second way to advance in your professional life is to attract a headhunter’s attention. A career headhunter can directly match you up with your desired job because they have insider tips about where to find the best quality jobs in the market. You may also consider pooling your money to hire a headhunter who will transform your bland resume into an impressive document that will make an impact on potential employers.

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Expand Your Network

To tap into a limitless pool of resources when it comes to career advancement, the third way is to broaden your network of acquaintances. Sign up for professional organizations and clubs. You can check the websites of various colleges online to find listings of local clubs that are within your industry. Be seen at all the right occasions. Don’t be afraid to print up adequate name cards that you can distribute to those who may offer you career advancement opportunities. Not only do you need to be friends with those in the top echelon, having friends in lower places will also help build your reputation.

Get in Line for Promotions

The fourth step to ensure a good future is to work your way up the ladder at your current job. You should avoid switching jobs too frequently, because this will put you back at square one each time. Plus, repeated resignations will not look good on your resume and will encourage future employers to wonder if you have issues with your previous bosses. To appear more stable in your career and to build confidence, you should try to stick to a job get in line for promotions or, at the very least, stay for three to five years to prove you ability to commit before considering moving on to another company.

Take a Class

The fifth and final career advancement opportunity lies in improving your job performance in order to impress future bosses (or career headhunters). It is wise to take up classes and learn a new skill or two. If you have not been very IT-savvy in the past, you may want to take up a computer course or other skills related to your desired job. Learning a new language such as Japanese, Chinese or French will not hurt either. You are likely to find several colleges online that offer the class you need.

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