Top 5 Best Online Colleges

In our search for the 5 best online colleges in the nation, we decided to go to OEDb (Online Education Database) for a little insight. OEDb has ranked the best online colleges according to acceptance rate, financial aid, graduation rate, web reviews, retention rate, student-faculty ratio, and the number of years the college has been accredited. The top 5 on their list are:

Upper Iowa University

Established in 1857, Upper Iowa University offers a variety of onlinedegrees, including 5 certification programs, 17 Undergraduate degrees,and 2 graduate degrees.

Certification Programs: Human Resources Management, Marketing,Organizational Communications, Organizational Leadership, andTechnology and Information Management.

Undergraduate Degrees: Accounting, Business Administration,Criminal Justice, Emergency and Disaster Management, Finance, HealthService Administration, Human Resources Management, Human Services,Interdisciplinary Studies, Management, Marketing, Psychology, PublicAdministration (General, Fire Science, and Law Enforcement), SocialScience, and Technology and Information Management.

Graduate Degrees: Accounting, General Business, Communications,Criminal Justice, Human Resources Management, Management, Marketing,Psychology, Public Administration, Sociology, and Technology andInformation Management.

LeTourneau University

LeTourneau, a Texas-based university with campus sites in Longview,Houston, Austin, Bedford, Dallas and Tyler, offers a Bachelor’s ofBusiness Administration degree online, a Master of Business degreeonline, and a Master of Educational Leadership degree online, forteachers who want to earn additional certification on their own time.

Liberty University

Liberty University, the world’s largest Evangelical University, offers7 Associate online degree programs, 8 undergraduate online degreeprograms, and 4 graduate online degree programs.

Associate Degrees: Accounting, Business, Criminal Justice, General Studies, Management Information Systems, Psychology, Religion.

Undergraduate Degrees: Accounting, Business Administration,Criminal Justice, Management Information Systems, MultidisciplinaryStudies, Nursing (RN to BSN), Psychology, and Religion.

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Graduate Degrees: Christian Leadership, Pastorial Counseling, Theological Studies, and Nursing.

Nova Southern University

Nova Southern University, the largest independent university in thecountry, offers only graduate online degree programs – 10 in thecomputer & IT field and 6 in the education and teaching field.

Computer & IT: Information Security, Information SystemSecurity, Computer Information Systems, Computer Science, InformationTechnology, and Management Information Systems.

Education & Teaching: Computing Technology in Education,Curriculum Instruction, Elementary Math, Elementary Reading, and K-12Technology Integration.

California University of Pennsylvania

Established in 1852, California University of Pennsylvania offers 7certification online programs, 2 undergraduate online degree programs,and 14 graduate online degree programs.

Certification Programs: Administration Program for Principals,Early Childhood Education, Performance Enhancement & InjuryPrevention, Rehabilitation Science, Sport Psychology, SuperintendentLetter of Eligibility, and Wellness & Fitness.

Undergraduate Degrees: Legal Studies and Wellness & Fitness

Graduate Degrees: Administrative Program for Principles,Advanced Studies in Secondary Education, Early Childhood Education,English as a Second Language, Legal Studies – Homeland Security, LegalStudies – Law & Public Policy, National Board Teacher CertificationPreparation, Performance Enhancement & Injury Prevention,Rehabilitation Sciences, Sport Management Studies, Sport Psychology,Technology Education, Tourism Planning & Development, and Wellness& Fitness.

Are you ready to shoot for any one of them for your career advancement?

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