The Top 5 Career Websites for Asian Jobs

The top 5 career websites for Asian jobs are also the most user friendly. If you need an uncomplicated way to search for Asian jobs, these websites are the way to go.

The top 5 sites are: 


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Here you will find everything broken down by career type. They have everything from BPO/Customer Service to Pharmaceutical, and from Human Resources to highly technical opportunties where you would look to find computer technology jobs. for all Asia Jobs
You can search this site by category, country, position, and qualifications. There is a list of career headings such as Accountants, Public Relations, Engineering, and IT that makes it easy to find the job you are looking for. If you are looking for Computer Technology careers, their IT listing further breaks down career options in that category. for International Jobs for Japan  (For English version, visit )
A major advantage of this site is that they list job postings in both English and Japanese. You can use a basic search or a more advanced search to find more specific top salary jobs. This site lists position, company, location, and salary. You can look for specific jobs such as radiology technician jobs or banking jobs.  for Tech jobs in Asia
This is the only web-based site "where technology means business". They list jobs by company, city, and posting date. Examples of job types include lists for Administration, Help Desk/Tech Support, and Programming, Software Engineering. If you are looking for a career in Computer Technology, you’ll want to look here. for all Asia Jobs
You can browse this site by company, jobs, date posted, or recent job searches. With this site you can elect to receive e-mail alerts. You can search using keywords such as radiology technician jobs.
This list represents the best job websites for the Asian job market. They are all user friendly and can be searched in multiple ways. If you are looking for specific jobs, such as medical technician jobs (e.g. radiology technician jobs), then these are the sites that you want to visit.

In addition to relying on online recruitment sites, there is another way to look for jobs – using your social network.  Refer to this article for the techniques for using some free online tools for social networking.

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