The One-Third-Page Rule of Cover Letter

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The One-Third-Page Rule of Cover Letter


Listen, your carefully crafted cover letter could only be studied for as short as one second before a recruiter decides if he/she would throw it away or not.

Truth to tell, study shows that more than 80% of cover letters ended up in the trash without being read for more than three seconds. People are busy and the recruiters are especially busy when they have to screen a huge pile of application letters.

They cannot afford spending much time on each cover letter. You have to attract them the first instance they read your cover letter.

How to do it?

You should follow the "one-third page rule".

I name this the "one-third page rule" because the most important part of your cover letter is the first one-third page area of it.

It is the part that the recruiters would take special note of when they open your cover letter.

One-Third-Page Rule

What to put in there?

You have to put in the most important and crucial things there.

They are not your name, address or work history.
They are not your education, salary or career objectives.
They are not your past achievements, accreditations, etc.

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What are they then?

They are your attributes related to their opening and how you think you are fitted for the opening!!!

Therefore, make your SALES PRESENTATION in the first one-third page area.

What do you mean by a SALES PRESENTATION?

This is the place to apply the advertising copy technique to illustrate why you are the right person to solve their problems.

Do you know an opening actually implies that your employer needs someone to solve a business problem he/she is facing now? That's why they are recruiting. They are looking for someone to solve their problems. You have to explain why and how you are the best person to solve their problems. And you should explain it in the first one-third page area.

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