The Older You are, the More Eligible You are for a Career Change, Here is Why

Career Change for Old People 

Deciding to make a career change isn’t an option reserved for younger workers.  Older members of the workforce are still in demand and will find many opportunities when it comes to making changing careers.

The following statistics show that employers value older and more experienced employees:

  • The Australian Bureau of Statistics has found that from August of 1989 to August of 2003, more than 380,000 jobs were lost by workers ages 15-24 in favor of older workers.  Some of this was brought on by younger workers becoming full-time students, but it also shows that Australian employers sought out older workers.
  • In the Netherlands, according to figures from December of 2000, over 500,000 employees are age 55 and older.  This number has grown steadily since 1995.

If you’re an older worker who has decided to make a career change, here are some tips for getting the job you desire.


Career Change Tip – Emphasize Experience

When older workers update their resumes, they should highlight their experience and accomplishments.  In most cases, these will outweigh the experience of younger applicants and give the older applicant a definite advantage.

Employers often look a steady employment history and for long periods with the same employer.  Since employment history is one of the most important parts of the resume, older workers should focus on it.

Older workers who have frequently changed jobs and only spent a short amount of time with each employer should de-emphasize this in their resumes.  Many employers see frequent job changes as a negative.

For more information about putting together a strong resume, visit The Nuts and Bolts of Writing a Good Resume

Career Change Tip – Update your Skills

Update your job skills when making a career change.  If you are seeking employment in a professional field, look into certification programs.  Read up on new developments and trends in your chosen field.

Read this section on Further Studies to Advance your Career for more information.

How to prepare for a job interview?

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Career Change Tip – Conduct an Online Job Search

Conduct an online search for job openings.  Some employment agencies advertise jobs for seniors online.  Using internet search engines, you can narrow your search to the jobs which you’re interested in and to the geographical area where you want to work.

The following resources are available for older workers making a career change who live outside the United States.

For Asian jobs, visit The Top 5 Career Websites for Asian Jobs.

For European jobs, visit Top 5 Career Websites for European Jobs.

For Indian jobs, visit Top 5 career websites for Indian Jobs.

Career Change Tip – Suggested Jobs for Older Workers

Jobs that are not limited to younger workers include the following:

1. Specialized professional work, such as medicine or engineering.  Experience is a strong factor when being hired in these fields.

2. Lecturing and public speaking.  There is no age requirement for speakers who are invited to lecture on a specific topic.  Knowledge and experience are determining factors for this type of job.

3. Writing.  Non-fiction and fiction writing require good writing skills.  Many writing jobs can be done at home, which is a plus for older workers.  With more writing opportunities opening up on the internet, this is a good area for a career change.


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