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Big Headache in Resume Writing – What to Do If My Job Title Doesn’t Reflect My Actual Responsibility

One of the biggest challenges in resume writing is making sure you get full credit for job responsibilities that go above and beyond your job title. You might have been in this situation. Read on…

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Make Or Break Your Chance of Interview? It’s All About Your Resume Writing Format

One of the keys to resume writing is to remember that the format of a resume is nearly as important as its content. Employers may receive dozens of resumes for open positions and usually give them a quick scan to … Continue reading

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Using the “Call-to-Action” Technique in Your Job Hunt

Whether you are searching for your first job in the marketplace or are trying to make a career change, you know that the competition can be stiff. In order to catch the attention of busy recruiters and hiring managers, your … Continue reading

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The Nuts and Bolts of Writing a Good Resume

As an experienced recruiter, I have been asked by many people how to write a good resume. I’ll share some of the points here that I use to teach people effective resume writing. This list will be revised from time … Continue reading

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How to Look for Job Opportunities During a Recession

People everywhere are anxious about looking for job opportunities during a recession. Is there any effective way to look for a job during the present depressive economic situation? It does not matter what type of job opportunities you are looking … Continue reading

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