Becoming a Radiology Technician — What You Need To Know

Radiology TechnicianRadiology technician is a professional who uses radiation to produce images of a person’s anatomy. A radiology technician is also known as an x-ray technician because their job is to take x-rays. These x-rays are then used by doctors to see foreign objects in the body, detect fractures in bones and analyze tissues.

Radiology technicians work in hospitals, doctor’s offices and centers using diagnostic imaging. Besides being properly trained in the field, the radiology technician must also possess the ability to communicate effectively with patients, doctors and other medical professionals. They must also be efficient in operating radiological devices by obtaining diagnostic images. One of the most important parts of the job is providing accurate summaries of their professional findings within the x-rays themselves.

Those interested in becoming a radiology technician should be aware that the job does require that the applicant obtain a degree before they can begin their radiology technician training. For those wishing to complete their degrees online, there are many accredited courses available. The student should always research the college they choose thoroughly and might even call the medical facility they plan to apply for a job at to make sure that they accept a certain school’s degree programs. Some employers will only accept students from certain schools.

There are many radiology technician degree programs that one can complete in order to enter the work force as a radiology technician. An associate’s degree is the most common type of degree program for this profession and normally takes two years to complete. A bachelor’s degree will take up to four years for completion and will allow students to specialize in their field in areas such as MRI diagnostics or CT scanning. Some educational institutions offer master’s degree programs for those students wishing to build their career as chief radiologist, or even an educator in the field of radiology.

Once a student has completed their formal education, they usually have to attend specialized training classes or work in the field as an apprentice before they can take the test to become a certified radiology technician. The amount of training a radiology tech needs varies so it is important to check with local authorities to find what the laws are.

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Radiology technician jobs are in high demand in most parts of the world and the demand is expected to increase within the next ten years. Radiology technician degrees can also be found as x-ray technician degree programs and are offered by many trade schools and community colleges as well as universities.

Radiologists are also paid a fairly high salary. In most parts of the country, radiology technicians at entry level positions were earning around US$30,000 per year, while those in the highest positions earned close to US$100,000 per year. The current average salary for a radiologist with two or more years of experience is around US$50,000 per year.
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