Moving and Relocating to Advance Your Career (A US Study)

Sometimes, being ‘stuck’ in a position and not being able to work your
way up is the direct result of location, rather then a reflection of
your skills and abilities. That ‘next rung in the ladder’ may already
be occupied. If this is your situation, you may find it wise to look
for jobs in other towns, cities, or states. This case study is applied
to those in the US only. But I think for people outside of the US, you
can consider the shortlisted cities below if you have plan to move to
work in US.

Moving and relocating to advance your career can actually be one of the best decisions you ever made. CNN recently published this article, which details the 10 US cities which have the most $100,000 jobs. We chose 4 of these as our favorites (plus added one more,) based on location, attractions, and cost of living. For example, the city highest on their list, New York City, did not make our cut because of its incredibly high cost of living.


Houston, Texas

Houston is the one of the cities with the most Fortune 500 companies, second only to New York City. It also has a very low cost of living compared to New York City (you can live roughly the same in Houston on $88,000 as you could in NYC on $200,000,) which is why it deserves the top spot on our list. Top companies that call Houston home, include BP, Cabot Oil, Centerpoint Energy, Citgo, ConocoPhillips, Continental Airlines, Dynegy, Gelb Consulting Group, Geokinetics, Gexa Energy, Halliburton, HCC Insurance Holdings, Integrated Electrical Services, Kinder Morgan Energy, Marathon Oil, Minute Maid, Oceaneering International Services, Parker Drilling Company, Pennzoil, Prisma Energy International, Shell, United Space Alliance, Vinson & Elkins Walter P. Moore, Waste Management, Inc., and that is just to name a few!


Minneapolis, Minnesota

Home to the Mall of America and close to the US border with Canada, Minneapolis is one of the most favored Northern cities to love in. There are many Fortune 500 companies that are headquartered in San Francisco, including Target, General Mills, US Bancorp, Xcel Energy, and Ameriprise Financial.


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Boston, Massachusetts

The major universities around Boston, such as Harvard, not only employ thousands of people, but help to attract high paying technology, biotechnology, and financial companies to the area. Some of these major employers include EMC Corp, Analog Devices, Vista Print, Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Merck, Genzyme, Biogen, Fidelity Investments, Liberty Mutual, and Bank of America.


Washington, DC

Of course, Washington is the cent point for federal government careers. You can find employment with the Treasury, Pentagon, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI,) or the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA.) Georgetown University, which is a Level 3 health care facility, is a top university that also employs thousands of people.

San Francisco, California
One of the most culturally diverse and liberal cities in the US, many people are fascinated by this city. If you have always wanted to live here, there are many Fortune 500 companies waiting for your application that are headquartered in San Francisco; including Gap, McKesson, Pacific Gas & Electric, Charles Schwab and Wells Fargo.

Of course, moving and relocating will not be the right choice for everybody; however, it does have sizable advantages for many people. Ultimately, you should consider the needs and goals of yourself and your family to decide if moving and relocating to advance your career is the right option for you.

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