Managing Conflict with Your Coworkers

Your job can be stressful, but it can become even more so when you have conflict with your coworkers. If you are in this situation, a good conflict management training program can teach you what you can do to try and resolve these issues. But, since you may need some ideas to get you by, let’s take of look at some of the common causes of and the possible solutions to coworker conflict.

5 common causes of coworker conflict:

  • A coworker who is not pulling their weight and causing you more headaches and stress because you have to deal with the clean up.
  • A coworker who is invading your private space. If you feel smothered by a coworker, it will cause tension between the two of you.
  • A coworker who is being obnoxious, whether they are talking to you directly or about you with other people.
  • A coworker who is very competitive and often tries to make you feel inferior or puts you down in front of the boss and other coworkers.
  • A coworker who lies, whether it is a “little white lie” or a big lie.

5 Simple solutions you can use to help resolve the issue:

  • Avoid the coworker whenever possible. Although this won’t help resolve the issue, it will keep it from getting worse and will also help lower your work-related stress.
  • Try talking with the coworker to find out why they are acting this way. You may actually be surprised by their answer and be able to help them work through the problem and get back on track. This is an area where a conflict management training program can really help you out.
  • Try some stress relief exercises and wait it out. The issue may pass or, if they are doing a really bad job, they may get canned eventually anyway. Then they will no longer be your problem.
  • Try to help your coworkers whenever you can. If you see that a coworker is struggling with something that you know how to do, help them out with it and show them how to do it right. This will help relieve their stress and anxiety and make them a more pleasant person to work with.
  • Praise the coworker whenever he or she fully completes a task or has a great idea. Sometimes people slack off because they feel taken for granted or they might not realize that people notice how good or bad their performance is.

Although these are good and easy suggestions, you may be able to learn a whole lot more by attending a conflict management training program. This program will allow you to learn vital conflict resolution techniques from professionals who are educated and experienced in this area.

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When I am doing conflict management training with my clients, I always teach them the technique of coaching and the application of popular character classification systems. This helps aid them in handling their relationship with their co-workers. Here is a list of related articles in this area:

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  1. Matt Wind says:

    I had to read your post twice to get the full impact of it. I enjoy reading what you have to say. It’s too bad that more people do not understand the benefits of coaching. Keep up the good work.

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