Is a Sales Worker Supervisor Position a Career Choice For You?


As the holidays arrive shoppers head to the stores. Then, after the holidays, there is another rush by shoppers back to the stores. Savvy shoppers search for good deals in the clearance aisles while others go to the mall to return the sweater that is too small or the CD they already have or don’t want! Sales worker supervisors often assist customers with these transactions. 

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Sales worker supervisors direct and manage salespeople. They also keep track of merchandise, inventory and assist with customer service. One of the primary roles  
sales worker supervisors have is resolving conflicts between customers and sales workers. 
Sales worker supervisors also oversee the work of sales workers. Typically they oversee all salespeople in the store but depending on the store, they may only supervise their department. Sales worker supervisors are responsible for hiring and training salespeople. During training, they assist salespeople with sales procedures, such as returns and exchanges. They also check those items to determine if they can be resold. They make sure that merchandise is properly displayed and priced according to advertisements.
They may hire, fire or promote workers. They train salespeople to improve their sales skills. Additionally sales worker supervisors: 
  • Have administrative duties
  • They develop work schedules and assign different duties to sales workers
  • Keep track of employee hours 
  • Inventory merchandise
  • Reorder items that are out of stock 
  • Write reports about their department’s sales and purchases. 
  • Attend meetings and suggest ways for store officials to increase sales
  • Create return and exchange policies 
  • Set sales goals for their departments 
During busy periods sales worker supervisors sometimes perform the duties of regular sales workers. This includes greeting customers, selling merchandise and setting up displays.
One of the most important skills a sales worker supervisor needs is excellent customer service. A sales worker supervisor needs to have this particular skill in order to be effective in his position and to lead by example. 
While a college degree is not needed to be a sales worker supervisor, it can be beneficial for advancement towards a sales management position. Other useful training for a sales worker supervisor includes seminars on customer service, team building and other business training classes. Additionally, each company may have ongoing in-store management training such as sexual harassment training and updates on current employment laws.
Most sales worker supervisors work their way up from a regular sales position. 
Participating in supervisor or sales management seminars will improve your chances of climbing up in this field. A college degree is also very helpful in obtaining a sales management position in the retail field. 
Sales worker supervisor receive higher pay and benefits versus a regular sales worker.
They also receive training not available to sales workers. For many people, this position is a stepping-stone to a sales management position. The pay and benefits for a sales worker supervisor varies greatly by region and the company that owns the store. 

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    sales management also requires that you have a good public image and you are charismatic on your employees and customers.,’

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