How to Look for Job Opportunities During a Recession

People everywhere are anxious about looking for job opportunities during a recession. Is there any effective way to look for a job during the present depressive economic situation?

It does not matter what type of job opportunities you are looking for. If you have this question in mind, read on.

Studies show that the majority of hiring involves candidates referred by internal staff – that is, candidates coming from the connections of an organization’s existing staff.

There are many reasons for this phenomenon. First of all, hiring from internal referrals saves a lot of administrative and advertising cost. It also eliminates money spent on head hunters and employment agencies for their search support.

Also, it may be a proven way to reduce the chance of recruiting inappropriate people because internal staff should understand more about a company’s requirements, and are more likely to recommend suitable people for a company’s job openings.

Some have commented that this practice is especially popular for finding suitable candidates of management job opportunities. However, I would say the practice applies to all kinds of job opportunities, no matter whether they are management job opportunities, or other popular job offers such as accounting job opportunities. I even see people securing openings for overseas job opportunities in this way.

Okay, then, how can we increase our chances of getting job opportunities in this way?

How to prepare for a job interview?

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The number one thing you should do is become engaged in widening your personal networks. There are two online resources that can help you to do this immediately.

The first one is . This is a social network facility. Unlike other social network facilities that focus more on promoting your personal network for non-work related activities, this network very much focuses on promoting your professional background. I have personally seen many head hunters and hiring managers using their personal Linkedin network to look for suitable people for their own company or clients’ hiring needs.

The second resource is . It was originally a contact address database used to build your contact list online, but has grown to be successfully used as a network tool. With this tool, you can easily update your close contacts with your present working information, including your phone and email contacts. Keeping your connections updated about the ways to contact you ensures that when any new hiring opportunities suitable for you come up, you can be reached immediately. When I was a head hunter, I experienced many occasions when one of my contacts would like to refer suitable people to me, but the connection failed because they did not have updated contact information for those people.

There is one more beautiful feature of this service: it constantly reminds you of the birthdays of your close contacts days before they come. You can then send emails to greet them, and at the same time mention your present working condition. People will be impressed by your good “memory” and more likely to keep you informed of any good job opportunities suitable for you.

Remember, it is always to your own advantage to be contacted by someone for job opportunities rather than actively looking for them yourself. Do you agree?

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