How Task Management Software Helps You Do Twice the Work in Half the Time

Task management software is created to help the user make the most of his time.
One of the hardest steps in working on a project is the actual organization. Being organized is key in any project. This is regardless of whether you are working on your own or part of a team. Task management software programs are set up to help you:

  • Get an instant list of all tasks, projects or work
  • Improve office efficiency by guarding against missed deadlines
  • Balance personal and team workloads
  • Get an “instant snapshot” of individual and overall task progress
  • Improve customer satisfaction with automatic suggested deadline dates
  • Improve office productivity through automatic task time budgeting
  • Estimate external job fees where appropriate
  • Reduce staff or team management time
  • Boost management effectiveness


One of the simplest but very effective task management software, Outlook, is included in most Microsoft® bundle packages installed in new computers. This task management software program lets you email and coordinate meetings and events. You can also set up reminders that will “pop up” on your screen. These reminders can easily be programmed to appear at the time the chooser decides. For example, if you have a meeting scheduled you may want to program a reminder to appear on your screen an hour before the event.
The fact that it’s very hard to ignore these “pop up” reminders, make them great organizational tools. 

There are various types of task management software programs available in the market.
A popular choices is Orbisoft®. There are also task management software programs installed in Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) and “smart” mobile phones. So wherever you go, you can stay on top of your projects. This is definitely needed as the business world becomes more global and workers are required to travel.

How does task management software work?

The task management software is programmed to keep track of project and job time budgeting of a one time or recurring tasks, jobs and projects. Task management software programs are designed to be very user friendly so they make planning events fun. 
The more sophisticated, yet easy to install and use task management software programs may also include:

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  • Built-in task functions and business date calculations
  • Automatic task scheduling and data backup
  • Minimal data entry and time-saving data maintenance tools
  • Built-in contextual help, online tutorial and user manual
  • Optional user and group security
  • Optional task synchronization with Microsoft Outlook®
  • Free online support options
  • Easy and quick installation and use

Business professionals are not the only ones who use task management software

Task management software programs are also widely used by busy moms trying to keep track of their personal time while juggling their kids’ school schedules and doctor appointments. It also a great tool to organize family trips and holiday get-togethers.

As in the business world, task management software is also available on the go for those who have Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) such as the Palm® Pilot that has now evolved into the Palm® cell phone. Other popular devices available are Nokia’s Symbian-based smartphones, BlackBerry from RIM, iPhone from Apple Inc. and other cell phones running on Windows Mobile platform. 

Obviously, the need for task management software is present in business and personal timekeeping and organization to help you work smarter and faster.

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