How Project Management Certification Can Help You Advance Up to the Top Rung in the Career Ladder4

project management certificationWhat is project management?

Project Management is quite often the responsibility of an individual manager. A project manager rarely participates directly in the duties that produce the end result. Rather he strives to maintain the progress and productive interaction of various participants in order  to reduce the overall risk of failure of a project.

Various types of product or services–building construction, electronics, pharmaceuticals, computer software, financial services, etc.–may have its implementation overseen by a project manager and its operations by a product manager.

The tools, knowledge and techniques for managing projects are often unique to a project manager. Typically they include work breakdown structures, critical path analysis and earned value management.

What are the benefits of management certification?


Understanding and applying the tools and techniques which are generally recognized as good practices are not sufficient alone for effective project management. It is advisable to obtain a project management certificate.


How to prepare for a job interview?

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A strong project management certification program provides a well-respected curriculum for professionals currently working as project managers or interested in taking on project management responsibilities. It will also teach you multiple aspects of effective project management so you can plan and control projects and work effectively with project teams. With this type of training you can go forward with confidence, improve work performance, provide leadership and deliver projects on time and on budget.


Project management skills translate directly to business success for professionals in various fields from marketing, finance to and software development.  A project management certification is a great addition to your list of marketable skills for career advancement. 

A project management certificate gives you the tools to advance in your current position and academically. Reputable schools that offer the project management certification, such as UC Berkeley, allow the credits in the project management certification program to be applied towards an MBA program.

Where do I find reputable schools offering a project management certification program?

A quick search on the internet using the keywords “project management certification program” will direct you to various schools. Some schools offer a campus setting, an online program or both. There are some things to keep in mind when deciding on a project management certification program. It is ideal to pick a school that is a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI). For almost 40 years, PMI has advocated on behalf of project professionals around the world. From the PMI website, “With more than one million members, credential holders, volunteers and trained project professionals worldwide, PMI advocates project, program and portfolio management can enhance and accelerate organizational change–driving innovation, improving bottom line performance, and strengthening competitive advantage.”

Other important things to keep in mind are:

  • Reputation of school: Is their project management certification program recognized for excellence?
  • Flexibility of the program: Online or on campus–decide which is best for you.
  • Financial plans available: Contact their financial aid office for plans or loans available.

A project management certification program is in high demand because it trains a business professional to speak with one common language, no matter their industry, geography, or whether they manage projects, programs or portfolios. Employers recognize this and are more likely to promote workers with project management training to management positions.

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