Court Reporter Salary and Career – Why you should become a Court Reporter

court reporterA court reporter salary can reach upwards of six figure salaries according to the newest career trend predictions. Depending on the level of courts that they are working in, the type of reporting that is done and whether the reporter works in an office or is a freelance contractor for a client.

Court reporters have an important job in the judicial system as they create transcripts of court hearings, legal proceedings, conversations, meeting and other important events verbatim for records, legal purposes and other places where transcripts need to be preserved in writing.

While many court reporters work for a judicial branch or court system, most work as freelancers hired by attorneys. The average court reporter salary for an entry level employee working in a judiciary office is most often between $30,000 and $40,000 annually. For those that have racked up a few years of experience, a court reporters salary can reach up to $90,000 per year.

Freelance court reporter salaries vary greatly depending on experience and the amount of work the court reporter does on a freelance basis. A freelance court reporter starting salary can be even greater as they have the option of offering other services as well, so that can increase their salary greatly. Also, besides offering their services for a fee, they can also earn money with the transcripts that they make as well, which typically range in price from between $2.00 and $4.00 per page.

To earn a certified court reporter salary, a person will have to complete a certification process that should include two to four years of education at an accredited schools, and passing a certification exam. Of course, a court reporter must be proficient with the computer or typing programs they are expected to use in their field. They must also possess a strong sense of vocabulary and have excellent language skills.

The job market for court reporters and freelance court reporters is expected to expand by over 25% within the next decade with the increase in judicial cases, lawsuits, and increased popularity in airing court sessions on television. Freelance court reporters may even see a bigger jump in demand for their services than predicted as they can provide multiple services without the employer having to hire a full time employee.

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Of course, greater demand for this position will more than likely drive the average court reporter salary up from the amount that it is set at now, especially in a freelancing position as freelancers have the freedom to accept work from many clients instead of only working for one for a set wage. With increased technology, new positions may come available for court reporters over the next few years as well. Overall, studying to become a certified court reporter is a fairly safe career choice for the future.

*Note from Damen: Most of the discussions done here apply to USA only, but you can still consider this career based on your home country's situations as many points raised should be valid in other countries as well. For any questions, feel free to leave your comments here.

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