Certification Programs That Can Make You More Competitive

It is undeniable that progression is imminent in one’s career, but the extent of your development depends on how you project yourself so that you appear more desirable to quality employers. One way to raise your value as a potential employee to your preferred conglomerate is to invest in different certification programs according to your needs and the job requirements. The good news about this is that there are a number of top online colleges that allow you to earn some of these certifications online; therefore, allowing you to study on your own schedule.


If you are thinking about entering the highly competitive IT job market, you should consider investing in CISCO Career Certifications whereby three varying levels of education are provided: Associate, Professional, and Expert. These three levels can be obtained accordingly as you see fit. And whatever your job requirements are, be sure to pick the right path. The six certification paths offered by CISCO include Design, Routing and Switching, Service Provider, Network Security, Voice and Storage Networking. Although you cannot take the exam from home (these exams are only offered by CISCO in a secure environment), you can study for it at home. You can also find a top online college that offers a similar certification program.

And for those who are thinking of building reputation in the field of accountancy, you may consider contacting the Accreditation Council for Accountancy and Taxation to take the Accredited Tax Advisor certification which will greatly boost your career as a tax advisor. A chartered tax advisor is viewed as the elite profession in accountancy whereby remuneration given is highly attractive even if a tax advisor is self employed. You may also be able to find a top online college that offers a similar certification program.

Being a registered nurse can be very rewarding for some individuals but they first need to acquire the Nurse Practitioner Certification from the American Academy of Nurse Practitioner, which will be a testament of sorts when it comes to the nurse-to-be’s experience and expertise. A nurse will need to renew this certification once every five years and she can even opt to take up a Clinical Nurse Specialist Certification course from the American Nurses Credentialing Center for career advancement purposes.

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If you are keen to pursue a career in hospitality can reap untold benefits once they acquire certification such as the Certified Hospitality Trainer from the American Hotel and Lodging Association. Individuals who do so have no regrets, as they will be better equipped with advanced skill set and the proper know-how when it comes to dealing with customers whether they choose to go into hotel, restaurant or entertainment industry. Extreme competition as well as rewarding perks did the job in motivating these individuals to take up extensive training in customer service. You may be able to find a comparable certification program available through a top online college.

Those with a penchant for vacancies in Human Resource might want to take advantage of the Human Resources Certification Institute which offers certifications such as PHR (Professional in Human Resource) as well as SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resource). Once they do, they will be able to increase their value as an employee who is well versed in the art of human resource development, strategic planning, employee rights and HR-related company policies.

Although the specific certification programs mentioned here are the top in each industry, plenty of certifications programs can be found by searching offerings from top online colleges. These certifications will be just as good at landing you a job in one of these industries, as the certifications listed above. This will allow you to study and get your certification on your own time, which will help you advance your career and give you the opportunity to move beyond your current position.

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