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Interview Behavior Questions & Answers

Behavioral interviews are becoming more and more popular in this highly competitive job market. The main reason that employers like the behavioral interview is that it can predict the future actions of candidates quite accurately. What do we mean by … Continue reading

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Big Headache in Resume Writing – What to Do If My Job Title Doesn’t Reflect My Actual Responsibility

One of the biggest challenges in resume writing is making sure you get full credit for job responsibilities that go above and beyond your job title. You might have been in this situation. Read on…

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Make Or Break Your Chance of Interview? It’s All About Your Resume Writing Format

One of the keys to resume writing is to remember that the format of a resume is nearly as important as its content. Employers may receive dozens of resumes for open positions and usually give them a quick scan to … Continue reading

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The Older You are, the More Eligible You are for a Career Change, Here is Why

Career Change for Old People  Deciding to make a career change isn’t an option reserved for younger workers.  Older members of the workforce are still in demand and will find many opportunities when it comes to making changing careers. The … Continue reading

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How to Think Creatively in Your Daily Work Life – Can you do better than this story?

John sat at his desk and stared at the phone he’d just hung up. He sighed, picked up the receiver, and punched in his boss’s extension. “Hi Bob, just got off the phone with Acme. They want a new system set up … Continue reading

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